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2019 Call for Works Aberdeen Art Fair

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Exhibition

Click here for electronic submission to OESS


EXHIBITION 30th August -1st September 2019. Aberdeen Art Fair


Aberdeen Artists Society is happy to announce that we will be having an exhibition stand at the Aberdeen Art Fair. Returning this year to the beautifully refurbished Music Hall in the centre of Aberdeen, we are calling for submissions to this exhibition opportunity, Drawing @ Aberdeen Artists Society (DAAS).  You are invited to create new work in the form of ‘Drawings’.

“Drawing – considered as any kind of work on paper regardless of technique – is the load bearing skeleton for much creative experimentation, a medium favoured by painters and sculptors that often represents the first  visualisation of an idea” – John Berger

“Drawing is closest to the idea” – Maria Lessing

“Drawing is the root of everything, and time spent on that is actually all profit” – Vincent Van Gogh

AAS hopes you will participate in this exciting opportunity to establish our increasing relevance to the 21st century, as we relaunch the Society  in preparation for our first major exhibition in the refurbished Aberdeen Art Gallery in 2020.

All entries must be submitted via the Online Exhibition Submission System (OESS); AAS Members will on this occasion be guaranteed exhibition space if possible. A selection process will be applied to Open Submissions from non-members.

PLEASE NOTE: It will not be possible in this exhibition & venue for us to show video or 3D works, but we will make every effort to show all works selected, using a 2D hanging system, table space or digital media. Only suitably framed works will be hung on the wall spaces and unframed mounted/ wrapped pieces will be shown in ‘print’ browsers.

We will try to show other works if we can devise a method to safely secure and exhibit them. (eg sketchbook or other).

At DAAS, for the first time, AAS will use online entry via OESS. We are aware that some members will be unfamiliar with online entry and the use of digital devices to prepare photographs of work to meet the size and quality required for uploading to OESS.

For help with OESS on-line entry technical difficulties, please contact OESS direct (details on the on-line entry form), otherwise please contact the Exhibition Manager (see below). Please note, the purpose of these helplines is purely technical; no discussion on AAS policies or procedures can be entered into, nor will selection matters be discussed by those manning the helpline.

The Selectors’ decisions are final and no correspondence on selection will be entered into.

Artists should be aware that in order to show all AAS members’ works, rotation of works hung will be necessary.

An AAS members’ prize of £150 for a drawing will be awarded at DAAS.

AAS has awarded three Drawing prizes of £100, £50, and £50 for work created by graduates of Gray’s School of Art, and these prizewinners will have their work exhibited with DAAS.

The conditions of entry & regulations for the DAAS show are as follows:

This page gives a summary of essential information.

Section 1. Submission, selection and preparations
Section 2. Managing the exhibition/event
Section 3. Dismantling the exhibition and settling the finances

1. Entry form and regulations – can be found on OESS via the AAS website.
2. Picture labels – can be printed from OESS via the AAS website.

Key dates:
1st August – 18th August 2019 Electronic submission – link to OESS via AAS Website

22nd August 2019 Selection completed.
25th-27th August 2019 Hand in of members and selected works
30th August 2019 Exhibition preview reception
31st August 2019 Exhibition opens to the public
1st September 2019 Exhibition closes to the public
1st September 2019 Collection of unsold works

Exhibition Manager Susie Hunt

Mill Farm, Kemnay, Inverurie, AB5 15NY
01467 643569.

Section 1 : Submission, Selection and Preparations

• Artists are invited to submit up to 2 new (produced no earlier than 1st January 2018) works, based on the theme of ‘Drawing’ and taking the setting/audience into account.
• Photographic and digital works that fulfill the brief will be considered.
• Relevant Framing or display/hanging instructions should be provided by the artist.
• Max size 1 meter in either direction.
• All works will be for sale. Some exceptions allowed.

First stage: Electronic submission via OESS to Exhibition Manager by 12 midnight Sunday 18th August 2019.  Each uploaded image must not exceed 3.00MB and should be at least 96dpi.  As part of the OESS process you will be asked for: artwork title, medium, and size. (Not more than I metre in either direction unless by special arrangement). OESS registration will require email and phone number.

All submissions are subject to entry fees, to cover cost of the online entry process.

Applicants are requested to login to OESS to find out if they have been selected after selection is complete on 22nd August 2019.

Second stage: Works to be handed in Mill Farm, Kemnay, AB51 5NY between Sunday 25th August 2019 and Tuesday 27th August 2019. Work must be accompanied by your downloaded OESS entry form. A copy of which must also be securely attached to the back of each work.

Price entered on the entry form must include commission due to AAS (20% for members 30% non members).

Submission Fees:

£5 for AAS members
£10 for non members

Fees are payable through the OESS online entry system.

Selection The Selection Committee will select the works for exhibition. The selectors will consider all correctly completed submissions. The decision of the selectors on all matters is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Communications All communication will be by email or via the online login process. Applicants will be required to login to see if they have been preselected and will be asked to download and print their application details to be delivered with the artwork. Failure to do so could result in work being withdrawn from the exhibition.

Agreement Artists submitting work will need to accept the exhibition agreement which can be found on the OESS online submission system.

Section 2: Managing the Exhibition/Event

Opening night preview. Artists and guests will be invited to attend between 6.00pm and 9.00pm on Friday 30th August 2019.

Any works sold are to remain part of the exhibition and be marked as sold in the usual way with a red dot.

The exhibition is open to the public from 31st August to 1st September 2019 between 10am and 5pm daily. During this time you will be asked to contribute to invigilation – please make your availability known to the Exhibition Manager.

Insurance: Artists are responsible for insuring their own work. All works accepted for exhibition will be displayed entirely at the artist’s risk and organisers and the venue will not accept liability for loss or damage occurring during the exhibition.

Section 3: Dismantling the Exhibition and Settling the Finances

At the close of the exhibition all unsold works are to be collected from the Music Hall on 1st September between 5.00pm and 6.00 pm, unless otherwise arranged with the exhibition manager.

Artists collecting their works must bring identification, or provide a letter to whoever is collecting on their behalf.

Uncollected works after this time will become the property of the AAS and be disposed of as appropriate.

Payments to prizewinning artists and for works sold during the show will be made by cheque, or BACS, as soon as possible after the event.