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Facing Forward

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Exhibition

Call for entries to “Facing Forward” – a collaborative project producing one image made up of individual members’ self-portraits. This collection of AAS faces will publicise our skills and our diversity – here we all are!

Member artists are invited to contribute an image of a self-portrait within a two-dimensional square. Submissions will be accepted digitally (details below) with sufficient clarity to allow the finished image to be displayed on any scale – either by digital projection or in ‘hard-copy’. Artists are free to work in any medium, including digitally produced, and are asked to consider using a ‘head only’ or a ‘head and shoulders’ pose in either front or profile view i.e. no ‘whole body’ images please. This will help maintain the overall cohesiveness of the final image. There are no fees involved – artists are asked to freely donate their work and copyright. Any possible future income derived from sales of the composite image will remain with the AAS and will be used to further the AAS aim of supporting artists. No deadlines have been set, but the AAS would like to start work on the final piece later this summer. We are open for submissions now, and look forward to being wowed!

Guidelines for submitting images

  • square format, colour image
  • a good quality image that represents the original work well
  • PNG, JPEG or TIFF files
  • around 2MB but not exceeding a maximum 5MB
  • suggested image resolution: 300 ppi

Larger images can also be sent via WeTransfer:
Please contact us if you have any queries.