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The Pumpkin Eaters 2

Gerard Stott

Gerard Stott:   The Artist at Garage 10.


A Short Film by the Granite Town Film Project, about me; The Artist at Garage 10:

As the Artist at Garage 10, I paint both still life and explored subjects.  My compositions are free to evolve during execution and so can take weeks to materialise to a point at which I’m ready to start painting, and they generally continue to evolve over the weeks that it takes me to complete the brush work.

Re-sketching my composed genre subjects over and over in pencil, allows my initial ideas to evolve, and some priorities to change, sometimes beyond all recognition of their origin. Through this process, I discover what it is that I want to paint. I believe that allowing this spontaneity reveals interesting insights into both myself, and what I thought I was painting.  The discovery process reinforces my enjoyment of making a painting. I think this also helps me strive towards better work.

Where there is narrative in my pictures, it’s intended to be obvious. I don’t want to have to explain my paintings, and in a sense, I think that explaining them would be undermining the objective of creating them, so at the end of the day my paintings typically will have to speak for themselves.

I have a need to paint, which I really value, but I’m also grateful that I have enough talent to produce paintings that I feel are valid, and so far it seems that every painting has provided a new learning experience.

The Eel Spear.
The Emperor's New Clothes.
The Pumpkin Eaters.
The Barterers.
The Existentialists.
A Bare Faced Lie.
The Vandals.
A Hermit.