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Jonathan Paul Sainsbury…

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Jonathan Sainsbury has painted nature all his life. He paints the trees, landscapes, birds and animals around his studio in Comrie, Perthshire. In a sense, he shows us what we already know. To do this, though, he brings a lifetime of experience in composition, drawing and sureness in handling colour. Underpinning his artistic skill lies his huge capacity for observation, built over decades through tiny pencil sketches in notebooks. This is how he captures a pose that makes us feel,”That’s just how it does look!” This has been recognized by art judges on both sides of the Atlantic, where his work regularly hangs in international exhibitions of wildlife art. He is a Signature Member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists and the Artists’ Foundation for Conservation in North America. More striking even than the skill, though, is the sense in which Jonathan Sainsbury recognizes in the natural world something profound and poetic that makes sense of who we are and expresses that through his work. It captures movement, yet is atmospheric and full of space.