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Artist’s Statement – Keith Mellard: “‘If a man works with his hands, he’s a labourer. If a man works with his hands and his head, he’s a craftsman. If a man works with his hands, his head and his heart, he’s an artist.’ – St. Francis of Assisi. All my life I have made things, because in order for my days to be satisfying, it seems to be necessary to make things. For the last 15/16 years, the things I have made have referred back to the days of my childhood – spent making art objects. My objective is simple, achieving it is less so. It is ‘to give a shape to feelings’. It’s a journey without a destination. The only thing in my life that is reliable is the existence of contingency, which suits me very well. Insecurity and uncertainty are as necessary to me as breathing. The motivation for my future efforts lies in my having no reason to believe I’ve succeeded yet. I have no interest in the finished work at all. Once a piece is finished, there are only two considerations. Does the work get me as close as possible to my aim ? If so, that idea is finished, and it’s on to the next idea. If it does not, then that idea is pursued until it is. Of course the idea might be no good, so it’s still a useful outcome – I need waste no more time on it ! However it almost never matches the real one – the one in my mind.”