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Open Exhibition at Haddo House

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Exhibition


Aberdeen Artists’ Society (AAS) and National Trust Scotland at Haddo House will host open exhibitions in and around Haddo House. Three types of opportunity are available for artists to participate.

  1. Framed 2D work (paintings, drawing, artist’s prints, photographs, mixed media and textiles) for selected open exhibition spaces.
  2. 3D work (sculpture, light, installation, textiles and sound) for an exhibition called “Experimental use of space”, in and around the south court yard of Haddo House (images of the spaces can be viewed on facebook and the AAS web site). Artists are encouraged to create and submit work which is site specific to the court yard, garden and rooms surrounding the south court yard. Work to be shown outside should be prepared with particular consideration of the possible weather.
  3. Artist’s residency

Stage 1 electronic submission of 2D work

This will be a selected show. The selection committee will review electronic image files of up to TWO works by each artist.

Image jpeg files, of no more than 2Mb showing each work to be considered, should be e-mailed to Rod Scott (see details below). The e-mail should contain the following information: artist’s name, title of work, medium used, sale price of the work, dimensions of the work.

Submission by e-mail of electronic files to should be made from the 25th of August until the 2nd of September 2018. No submissions will be considered after midnight on the 2nd of September.

The results for the stage 1 submission will be communicated by e-mail and the selectors’ decisions are final and non-negotiable.

The electronic image submitted must be of the same work that is delivered at the hand-in.

There is a £5 submission fee for each work for AAS members but non-members will pay a single fee of £20 for submission of up to two works. Non-refundable cheques made payable to Aberdeen Artist’s Society should be sent to the Treasurer at 7, Victoria Terrace, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire AB51 5RL prior to the selection. In addition, a hanging fee of £5 will be levied against each 2D work hung.

Stage 2 handing-in of selected 2D work

Either on Saturday 22nd September 12:00 to 16:00 at Mill Farm, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire AB51 5NY

OR on Sunday 23rd September  12:00 to 16:00 at

Haddo House, Methlick, Ellon Aberdeenshire, AB41 7EQ 

NOTE a £5 transport fee will be levied for the onward transfer of work delivered to Mill Farm, payable during the hand-in on the Saturday.

Submission Procedure

Checklist for handing-in of 2D work:

  • Correctly labelled work
  • Signed Entry form
  • Hanging fee
  • Transport fee if relevant

Number of Works to be submitted:

You may enter up to two works.


  • All work should be framed with D-rings and strung. There is no restriction on size. Paintings, artist’s prints, drawings, textiles, mixed media and photography are all acceptable. NO reproduction prints will be accepted.
  • All work submitted will be at the artist’s risk, the organisers will NOT have insurance to cover the art in the exhibition.
  • All works must be dry.
  • The Society reserves the right to refuse any work which is deemed unsuitable for display.

Labels and the Entry Form

  • Please complete both halves of the swing-label: one separate label per work entered.
  • When attaching the label to the back of a mounted picture, use enough string to allow the label to hang over the top, then tape the string of the label to the back securely – to prevent it being easily torn off during handling.
  • Exhibitors of prints, photographs, multiples and casts should ensure that the number in the edition/available sections of the label and submission form are completed.
  • In addition to the AAS tie-on label, each submitted work should also have a permanently affixed label which gives the following information:
  • Name; Address; Tel; E-mail address;
  • Title; Medium; Price
  • An Entry Form should be completed in CAPITAL LETTERS. The signed disclaimer indicates the acceptance of the conditions of entry.  Without this signature no submitted work can be accepted by the Exhibition Custodian.


  • Members of AAS will pay a fee of £5 per work submitted.
  • Non-members will pay a fee of £20 for submission of up to two works.
  • All participants £5 in cash hanging fee per work, maximum two works (£10).

Labels and entry form their availability

Labels and an entry form will be obtained by downloading templates from the AAS website:

OR by contacting Rod Scott at the e-mail address above.

Transport of work

All Artists will be responsible for the transportation of their work to and from Haddo House or Mill Farm.


  • All 2D works submitted, will go through selection processes and the Selection/Hanging Committees decisions to accept or reject work will be final.
  • Artists will be advised of the committee’s decision based on the electronic submissions as soon as possible after the date of selection. The hanging committee reserves the right to reject works that have passed selection and submitted. Work which could not be displayed at the hanging stage will be made available to the artist for collection along with the hanging fee.

Exhibited work

At the close of the Exhibition, all exhibited work not sold will be available for collection from Haddo House on the following date:

Sunday 21st of October     12:00 to 16:00


  • For collections, artists must bring ID and label notification for each artwork.
  • If artists are sending someone else to collect on their behalf they must inform the Society in advance and ensure that their representative brings the notification labels for each artwork.

Responsibility for works

  • While all reasonable care is taken of works submitted, such works are at all times, (during or awaiting transit to and from the exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking or during the show) at the artist’s risk.
  • Artists themselves are advised to arrange proper and adequate insurance to cover against loss or damage.

Disposal of abandoned works

  • All works left uncollected will become the property of the organisers and will be disposed of by sale or otherwise.

Acceptance of conditions

The Artist’s signature on the entry form indicates his/her acceptance of the conditions set out in the regulations. Submission of an entry form indicates acceptance by the artist that their information will be stored on the AAS database, compliant with legislation on information storage.

Sales commissions

A commission of 20% will be levied against each AAS member’s work sold and 30% for any non-AAS member’s work sold.


3D work for “Experimental use of space”   

For this element of the exhibition at Haddo House artists should send by e-mail a proposal to

The proposal should contain a single page of text outlining details of the work to be submitted, identification of the space to be used and if possible two supporting images (no more than 2Mb). Images of the spaces in and around the south court yard (inside and outside spaces) are on facebook and the society’s web site. Spaces for the accepted projects will be allocated asap on a first come first served basis.


  • Works whose stability, materials, or methods of construction could present a hazard to the viewing public may be rejected on these grounds. No work with a naked flame can be considered and any electrical equipment to be used should be pat tested and the certificate submitted during installation. All artists showing work which poses any potential hazard should have public liability insurance.

Work in “Experimental use of space” can be for sale and subject to 20% (AAS members) or 30% (non-members) commission but this is not a requirement for this part of the exhibition. “Experimental use of space” would provide a good opportunity for collaborations leading to the creation of a large scale work. The artists accepted will be required to install their pieces in the spaces in the south court yard areas of Haddo House on Sunday- Wednesday (23rd to 26th September 10.00-17.00). This installation period could be extended if needed.

The deadline for proposals to be submitted is the 2nd of September but registration of interest should be made asap. This element of the AAS show will be organised by Margaret Preston, Jane Hislop and Rod Scott. 


For this element of the exhibition at Haddo House artists should send by e-mail a proposal to

The proposal should contain a single page of text outlining the work to be undertaken, a brief CV of art activities and two supporting images (no more than 2Mb). The residency will be in the Pheasantry of Haddo House where the artist(s) can create and hang work alongside some selected 2D work. This opportunity is open to individuals or a group of artists working in any medium suitable for indoor work. The committee are particularly keen to receive proposals from artists under 35 and the successful group or individual will receive a stipend of £600 to help pay for materials and transport. The expected minimum attendance of artist(s) in residence would be 10 days including the opening and week (6-13 Oct) of the Haddo arts festival. 

The deadline for proposals to be submitted is the 2nd of September but registration of interest should be made to Susie Hunt asap.


Please contact

Susie Hunt


For questions about “Experimental use of space”

Roderick Scott (AAS treasurer)


25th August to 2nd September 2018 submission of images of 2D work by e-mail of electronic files to

Hand-in of 2D work

Mill Farm, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire AB51 5NY

Saturday 22nd September   12:00 to 16:00

(Transport fee of £5)

Haddo House, Methlick, Ellon Aberdeenshire, AB41 7EQ

Sunday 23rd September      12:00 to 16:00

Installation of all 3D work for “Experimental use of space” And preparation for the residency

Sunday to Wednesday (23rd and 26th September) 9.00-17.00.


Opening (preview):  29th OR 30th of September 12.00 -16.00 TO BE CONFIRMED


The show will continue

Saturday 6th – Sunday 14th October times to be confirmed And 20th October.

Close of show Saturday 20th of October 5pm

Pick-up of work

Haddo House

Sunday 21st October          12:00 to 16:00