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Rusudana Glonti is a representational artist who works in a variety of mediums ranging from charcoal, to watercolour and pastel with the preference given to oils. Her works mostly focus on still life and human form which are the main areas of her interest and expertise. Rusudana attended a number of workshops and short courses in the UK and abroad and completed a full drawing and painting course obtaining a degree at Angel Academy of Art in Florence. Upon graduation she continues to work from her studio in Aberdeenshire. Her works were shortlisted for various shows and exhibited in the Mall Galleries in London on more than one occasion. Her rewards include 3d prize in “Artist Of The Year 2013” Competition by “Artists & Illustrators”, Grand Prize in Still Life Competition 2015 by “International Artist”, finalist in ARC Salon 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 by Art Renewal Center (New York).