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SIMMER BLINK, 2023 oil on gesso panel 24cm x 30cm (35.5xm x 41.5cm framed)

Janette Kerr

REINVENTING SCOTTISH LANDSCAPE:  18 NOVEMBER 2023 – 2 MARCH 2024 at the Kilmorack Gallery, Inverness-shire

I’m showing a series of paintings in this exhibition – see link here for more information:

GLINK IN DA SEA, 2023 oil on gesso panel 33cm x 35cm (50cm x 52cm framed)
LATE AFTERNOON - RAIN IN THE AIR, 2023 oil on gesso panel 24cm x 31cm (39.5cm x 44.5cm framed)
LAW OF STORMS II, BURRASTOW, 2023 oil on canvas 122cm x 152cm (127cm x 157cm framed)