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May 2019 Newsletter

by | May 29, 2019 | Newsletter

AGM to EGM – The Constitution of Aberdeen Artists Society

The EGM will be held at the Northern Arts Club on August 24th, 2.30pm – 4.30pm

At the AGM it became apparent that the changes to the constitution proposed need to be notified to the members and ratified at a general meeting.


We will send you the proposed changes for you to consider prior to the meeting.

The meeting is being called to discuss and finalise any changes.

Please come!



Click here for more info: Call for Works: ‘Drawing’

This year the Art Fair returns to the splendid newly refurbished Music Hall. We have taken a larger stand for the’Drawing’ show.

We would like to present an eye catching stand with diverse works on paper. Submissions from members of AAS will on this occasion be guaranteed display if they are suitable for exhibition. Open submissions from outwith the Society will be subject to a selection process.

Further details will be posted on The AAS Website and social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


‘Drawing – considered as any kind of work on paper regardless of the technique – is the load bearing skeleton for much creative experimentation, a medium favoured by painters and sculptors that often represents the first visualisation of an idea. ‘ John Berger

‘Drawing is the root of everything and time spent on that is actually all profit. ‘ Vincent Van Gogh’


The drawing is closest to the idea.’ Maria Lessing

There will be a member’s prize of £150 regarding work that has been created for the event.

Three drawing prizes will be offered to graduates of Grays School of Art 2019.

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