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March 2021 Newsletter

by | Mar 9, 2021 | News, Newsletter

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In this newsletter you will find news about current and upcoming events in 2021

  • AAS Online Exhibition 2021
  • AAS Facing Forward project
  • AAS Video project
  • The Gillian and Malcolm Inglis AAS Membership Awards
  • AAS membership subscriptions
AAS Online Exhibition 2021

Look out for more information about AAS 2021 online exhibition in the next newsletter -coming soon!

AAS Facing Forward project

“Facing Forward”

AAS artists are amazing! We adapted and thrived during the four-year closure of our main exhibition venue, we successfully created our first on-line exhibition in 2020, and we are looking forward to what comes next.

An exciting new initiative is now being launched to celebrate our talents and our diversity by producing one collaborative composite artwork – “Facing Forward” Members are invited to donate images of self-portraits which will be arranged in a grid format as a poster for the AAS. Here we all are! The final combined image of all our faces will be primarily used for publicity purposes and may take any form – website illustration, projection onto internal or external walls, or printed as AAS promotional stationery. And all arranged within current Covid 19 health restrictions!

Further details are available at:

A small example of a composite image – members of AAS council
AAS Video project

Last summer saw AAS embark on an exciting new venture. We commissioned Aberdeen
based film maker Martina Cook to produce a series of documentaries about the Aberdeen
Artists Society called ‘A Conversation in Time’. Our first release put the spotlight on Anna
Shirron, an early career artist and member of the society. It follows Anna’s career since
graduating from Gray’s School of Art and highlights her engagement with Grampian
Hospitals Art Trust and explores her aspirations for future projects. The film is accessible
via a link on our website:

The Gillian and Malcolm Inglis AAS Membership Awards

As part of the visible success of the 2020 online exhibition Coming Home we attracted this
charming prize from Canada.

Malcolm Inglis has generously donated funds to support 4 memberships of AAS. The Inglis
family have several historical links with Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, and have a direct
family connection with AAS Member Dr. Roderick Scott, whose art they particularly

Following discussions with Libby Curtis, Head of RGU Gray’s School of Art (GSoA), we
now invite applications from art students at GSoA.

If you are an art student at RGU GSoA and would like to avail yourself of this excellent and
worthwhile opportunity to join AAS, please send your name and contact details, along with
a note of your year of study at Gray’s, and an indication of your main creative interests, For
Attention AAS President Dr. Donnie Ross, by email to:

AAS Membership Subscriptions

Memberships renewals and new applications for membership can be made on our website: